Trauma to Triumph Program:

"This experience with Maia has been the most transformative experience I've experienced thus far in my life. It surpasses many other therapies I've tried before this experience. She's truly magical and highly skilled at helping resolve trauma at its roots. I learn so much about myself and what I need to heal in every single session I have with her. She really understands trauma and is extremely compassionate and understanding of your pain. She's been one of the few coaches I've met who has helped me heal, transform and feel empowered on a consistent basis without causing more self doubt or feelings of judgment about my experiences in life. She's helped restore my faith and trust back in living and enjoying life again. It's been an eye opening experience that has taught me that you can thrive in life despite past trauma. I wish every woman in my life could get this coaching, it's worth every penny!"

Srishti T.


"It's been about a year since I've worked with Maia and I'm still consistently using the tools and guidance she gave me to help me better understand myself and to help me in my day-to-day life. As a survivor, Maia intuitively understands how to approach clients' triggers and wounds and how best to support healing and nourishment of one's heart and soul. I felt completely safe to be vulnerable in her presence. Maia's sincere commitment to her clients and work is apparent in how she held space for me, pivoted to address different aspects of my experience, and provided clear instructions for tools and time for integration. Maia is a thoughtful and kind person who will use every tool at her disposal to help her client's and I am so grateful for the time I had with her.

I highly recommend her program and coaching for anyone who needs support in becoming the empowered woman they were always meant to be and to move past their trauma in a powerful way."


Attendee of workshop series, "Learn 3 Principles to Reclaim Wholeness, Release Shame & Empower Your Life":

"After I attended your first webinar, I felt a huge shift in my awareness of parts of me I'd never looked at. Thank you for opening me to a deeper understanding of myself. You are magnificent at what you are doing to help others recover and blossom."


About A. Maia

A. Maia “Maia” Miller (she/her), MHA, CTP, LPTA, is a Trauma Consultant, Advocate and Spiritual Mentor with a twenty five year career in healthcare. Founder of A. Maia Miller Consulting, Maia supports and guides adult women survivors of childhood sexual trauma through her one on one program Trauma to Triumph, in workshops and in retreat settings. Maia also consults with organizations and companies in creating trauma informed and trauma sensitive events.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and complex trauma, a healthcare leader and spiritual teacher, Maia has done extensive training, coursework and integration in the context of healing from the impacts of trauma including. Her related skills and areas of expertise include; adverse childhood experience (ACE) science, neurobiology of trauma, entheogen and psychedelic assisted therapies, expressive art therapy, movement based healing art forms, meditation and visualization practices, sensual healing for CSA survivors, advanced energy work, creative ritual, altar design, invocation and prayer. Her innovative teachings are based on three core principles- education, creative arts and spirituality. Maia guides her clients with reverence and compassion, understanding that there is not one pathway to trauma recovery. She brings a trauma-informed care lens to her body of work as well as the wisdom gained from her lived experience as a CSA survivor.

Maia has her Master's in Healthcare Administration, is a Certified Trauma Professional, a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Ordained Minister. She lives in the Bay Area, CA with her beloved partner of eleven years and is the proud Mom of a daughter majoring in theater at UCLA.

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