Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is considered childhood sexual abuse?

Child sexual abuse refers to the involvement of a child (person less than 18 years old) that is forced or coerced into sexual activity, may include voyeurism, unhealthy sexual exposure and child pornography. May also include occurrences where the individual does not fully comprehend, does not consent to or is unable to give informed consent to, or is not developmentally prepared for and cannot give consent to.

Who is this work designed for?

You are an adult woman survivor who experienced sexual trauma at or before age 18 and is currently functioning well in many aspects of your life. Although you may be going to school, working, parenting and/or an active member in your community, you remain impacted by the trauma of your past. You are aware that it affects all areas of your life and yearn for a deeper sense of wholeness, freedom and peace.

Who is the work not designed for?

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or addiction specialist. Women that are actively struggling with significant untreated mental health symptoms and/or active drug and alcohol addiction are encouraged to seek professional help from other sources prior to working with me.

Is this work confidential?

Yes, I will never share your personal information with anyone outside of A. Maia Miller Consulting. All information gathered from clients will be kept strictly confidential.

Are you associated with a religion?

No, A. Maia Miller Consulting offers educational and non-denominational spiritual resources and is not affiliated with a religious organization.

Will I be expected to share my story?

No. I will never ask you to share the story of your abuse at any point. Some clients may choose to share, but it is completely up to each individual.

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