You are an adult woman survivor of childhood sexual trauma who may be going to school, working, parenting and an active member in your community. Yet despite your successes you remain impacted by the trauma of your past and are aware that it affects all areas of your life. You yearn for a deeper sense of wholeness, freedom and peace. You want to feel empowered and embodied on a daily basis. You desire to feel safe, to trust life fully and have faith in what your purpose is.


During our sessions…

• You learn how to release any shame associated with your past trauma so that you can step fully into your worthiness and live an embodied, empowered, pleasurable life.

• You learn how to trust again, identify your coping mechanisms and learn how to establish healthy boundaries in your life so that you can feel safe in your body and self-confident in your relationships.

• You reclaim your identity, discover your purpose and the next aligned steps in your life so that you can feel valued, whole and free to speak your truth.




• You gain knowledge from a comprehensive curriculum including trauma-informed care practices, basic neurobiology of trauma and adverse childhood experience science so that you can access new levels of freedom, empowerment and self-resourcefulness in your body and in life.

• We co-create accessible daily practices that are customized specifically for your lifestyle utilizing spiritual and creative art modalities so that you are able to support self-regulation and the reestablishment of your mind-body connection.

Healing Sessions

1:1 Sessions

• We meet virtually for 75-minute sessions to support you staying focused and present with your individual healing journey, step by step guidance with time between sessions for you to integrate the tools and create transformative results in your life.

• I provide trauma-sensitive curriculum covered during our sessions which may encompasses: basic neurobiology of trauma, ACE science, impacts of trauma; creative & expressive art instruction such as vision boarding, collaging, journaling, movement exploration; spiritual resources including mindfulness, meditation, visualization practices, altar creation, prayer, affirmations; plant medicine & psychedelic therapies preparation/integration support.

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About A. Maia


A. Maia “Maia” (she/her), MHA, CTP, LPTA, is a Trauma Recovery Guide, Consultant, Advocate and Spiritual Mentor with a twenty-five year career in healthcare. Founder of A. Maia Miller Consulting, Maia supports and guides adult women survivors of childhood sexual trauma. Maia also consults with organizations in creating trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive events.

Having worked across the continuum of care with pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations, Maia has witnessed first-hand the impacts of childhood trauma across an individual's lifespan. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), healthcare professional and spiritual teacher, Maia has done extensive training and coursework in the context of healing from the impacts of trauma. She brings a trauma-informed approach to her work with clients as well as the wisdom gained from her lived experience as a survivor.

With her innovative offerings, Maia educates and uplifts clients by utilizing three foundational elements; education, creative arts and spirituality. One-on-one sessions are highly individualized, providing each CSA survivor with a personalized transformational experience.

Maia has a Masters in Health Care Administration, and for her Capstone Project designed and launched a nine-month program for CSA survivors. Maia is a Certified Trauma Professional, a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and an Ordained Minister. She is the proud Mom of a daughter majoring in theatre at UCLA and is married to her partner of thirteen years.

Related Skills/Areas of Expertise: Plant Medicine/Psychedelic Therapies Preparation & Integration Work, Sensual Healing for CSA Survivors, Generational Healing, Advanced Energy Work, Expressive Arts Therapy, Dance/Movement-Based Healing Art Forms, Guided Meditation & Visualization Practices, Oracles, Invocation & Prayer, Healing Ritual, Altar Creation, Family Estrangement, Trauma Bonding, Dissociation, Codependency, Complex PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Body Dysmorphia/Disordered Eating.

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